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A Better Plumbing Company is a local Las Vegas family owned & operated Nevada State licensed plumbing contractor. We have been serving the plumbing needs of Las Vegas, Henderson & Nevada since 1997. A Better Plumbing has an A+ rating & has been an honor roll plumber with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau since 2005. We have also received the Angie’s List Super Service, Best of Yelp & Talk of the Town awards. A Better Plumbing has been voted “Better of Las Vegas” by thousands of satisfied customers. Our master & journeyperson plumbers are certified by the Nevada Board of Plumbing Examiners. A Better Plumbing maintains affiliations with the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials, Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association & the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. We at A Better Plumbing believe that trust is earned, not self-proclaimed. We encourage customers to do their research before selecting a Las Vegas plumbing service provider.

A Better Plumbing Company performs a wide range of services from general plumbing repairs to new residential & commercial plumbing construction including bathroom & kitchen remodels, additions, custom homes & commercial tenant Improvements for Las Vegas & Henderson. We provide plumbing engineering, drawings, permits, soil excavation & compaction, concrete cutting & core hole drilling services for Las Vegas & Henderson general contractors & owner builders. By Monte Ervin, Owner A Better Plumbing

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At Better Plumbing, our plumbers are water, gas & drain pipe leak detection plumbing experts. We utilize state of the art leak detection & pipe location equipment to isolate concrete slab water leaks to eliminate high water bills. After our plumber finds the water leak, we offer several options for repair including slab leak repair & overhead repipes. We do copper & Kitec repipes all over the Las Vegas valley. We repair & repipe front yard polybutylene water mains & fix meter leaks. We also replace Wirsbo, Viega & Vanguard pex Manabloc Manifolds for Las Vegas & Henderson. 

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Free Fast Online & Over the Phone Estimates. Simply provide text or email a quick description of your issue & send us a photo as an attachment. Our estimator will contact you ASAP with a price & to confirm an appointment.


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A Better Plumbing's Water Slab Leak Repair Video

Check out A Better Plumbing's video of a water slab leak repair that was performed by our water leak detection expert plumbers.

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Check out some pictures of good plumbing that has gone bad. But A Better Plumbers came to the rescue!

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Family Owned & Operated!

Locally Family Owned & Operated. We are not an impersonal corporation with headquarters located in Ohio, Iowa or Tennessee. We are proud Las Vegans. We are your neighbors & are an integral part of our Las Vegas community. Our family of plumbers are here to help with all your plumbing issues.

image01A Better Plumbing Family Owned & Operated Since 1997

Always Hire A Licensed Plumbing Contractor

A Better Plumbing is a Nevada State Licensed Plumbing Contractor .

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Las Vegas Better Business Bureau Member Since 2005

We are proud Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) Better Business Bureau Honor Roll Plumbers since 2005. As of October 2014 & after performing many thousands of jobs, A Better Plumbing Company has had zero complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Few plumbing companies can make this statement.

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Member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

Proud member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

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A Better Plumbing

A Better Plumbing Company is a local Las Vegas family owned & operated Nevada State licensed plumbing contractor. We have been serving the plumbing needs of Las Vegas, Henderson & Nevada since 1997. A Better Plumbing has an A+ rating & has been an honor roll plumber with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau since 2005. We have also received the Angie’s List Super Service, Best of Yelp & Talk of the Town awards. A Better Plumbing has been voted “Better of Las Vegas” by thousands of satisfied customers.

Communication is the key to our lasting customer service relationships. We discuss your plumbing issue from the moment you call. We explain & show the customer every step of the plumbing repair process. We provide before & after photographs. We maintain a data base of customer’s information so when our services are needed again we can quickly pull up your information & know who you are & what services we’ve provided in the past.

Whether your plumbing is in the ground, within the wall, in the attic, through the roof or visible to the eye, we can repair or replace it. We repair & install Moen, Delta & Price Phister kitchen sink & bathroom faucets, American Standard, Kohler & Toto toilets. We install new Kohler & Sterling whirlpool bathtub & shower enclosures. Our plumber can replace your water heater shut off valve, shower valve, & Wilkins, Watts, or NIBCO pressure regulating valve. Our plumbers can also install your InSinkErator garbage disposal, hose bib, shower & bathtub valve cartridge, clothes & dish washer valve, laundry & refrigerator water lines & angle stop water supplies.

A Better Plumbing Company understands that a plumbing problem is an inconvenience & an unwelcomed expense. We work hard to solve your plumbing issue so that you can get back to your life. We focus on the plumbing issue at hand & address other issues only by the request of the customer. We are not high pressure salespeople. We are just plumbers here to help relieve the stress of a plumbing problem. We seek the most practical, economical & logical solution to plumbing issues. Our working methods have been described as dilligent, detail oriented.

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Las Vegas Water Leak Detection Expert Plumbers!

When you receive a high water bill from the Las Vegas Water District, hear a sound resonating in your walls or feel a warm spot on your floor, you may have a water leak underneath your concrete slab. Before plumbers started using plastic piping for potable water in residential construction, copper piping was rolled in the ground underneath the concrete slab. Over time & for various reasons, the copper water piping may suffer from deterioration resulting in a water leak underneath the concrete slab. A Better Plumbing utilizes state of the art equipment to pinpoint your leak including a sensitive listening device, spectrum analyzer, transmitter, locator, receiver, helium, compressed air, sound amplification manifold, correlator, temperature reading, thermal imaging, & most of all, extensive leak detection experience to locate your water slab leak. It is very difficult to give an estimate to repair the leak if you don’t know where the problem is. Some companies offering free estimates for leak detection are actually attempting to sell a hot water or whole house repipe without actually performing leak detection. A Better Plumbing strives to give the homeowner the options of slab leak repair or single line reroute at a much lower cost than simple replacing all the water piping in a residence. It requires a certain level of skill & sophisticated equipment to isolate a leak under a concrete slab. Post tension cable, cabinets & flooring are important factors in determining the best solution to eliminate a water slab leak.

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From A Better Plumbing's Owner

Why A Plumber?

Not everyone is meant to be a plumber. Plumbing requires a blend of brains & brawn. Did you say brains? Plumbing is a misunderstood trade. When I tell people that I’m a plumber, many assume that I work on dirty drains all day. The truth is that drain maintenance is a small part of what a plumber may or may not do in their career. In fact, I did not perform drain maintenance for the first 10 years I was in the plumbing trade. Basic drain maintenance can be performed by many homeowners without the need to call a plumber (Hint - Rent a drain cleaning machine from Home Depot). Call me when you need a sewer video camera inspection, sewer line location, high pressure hydro-jetting or have a tree root intrusion in your drain or sewer. Let’s get back to the “brains” question. I worked on new commercial & residential construction as a helper, apprentice, foreman & superintendent. Now when I say plumber, I mean the ability to pull up to a pad of dirt where a building is going to stand & design, size, create isometric drawings, & supervise the installation of the waste, vent, cold & hot water, gas, condensation & roof drain piping serving the dwelling. In hospitals this piping can also include oxygen, air & vacuum piping. Plumbing is a unique trade in that the piping is in the ground, through the concrete slab, in the walls, outside of the walls, in the attic & through the roof of most buildings. Few trades require more coordinating with other trades to permit a modern plumbing system to become an integral part of a dwelling. The current Uniform Plumbing Code includes 485 fun filled pages meticulously outlining the rules of plumbing. Whether covered by concrete, dirt or hidden behind sheetrock, a plumber can see the plumbing piping without physically seeing the pipes because a plumber knows the rules & has installed the piping hundreds of times in new construction projects. As you can tell, I have a lot of pride in my trade & am happy to call myself a master plumber. Perhaps I’m not a typical plumber in that I did attend college & enjoyed a strong GPA in classes that included Accounting, Business Law & Calculus. After graduating, I worked in a nice air conditioned office wearing nice clothes pushing clean papers around on my desk. I have nothing but respect for those that can work in an office environment day in & day out. I now know that I was not put on earth to sit at a desk which brings me to the reasons that I love being a plumber. I know that plumbers do a great service for society. I believe that the good health & hygiene of our nation is contingent upon modern plumbing systems. We have hot & cold water on demand & unsanitary waste is removed from our homes by the simple push of a toilet handle. Whether one is a doctor, lawyer, millionaire or of humble means, they have plumbing. I get to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. I get to work in various locations throughout the week & of course the monetary compensation is normally above average compared to other trades. Another benefit of being a tradesman is the physicality of the work. We get a good workout on most work days. I appreciate the opportunity to serve people’s plumbing needs. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction when a customer is thankful for our efforts & the stress of a plumbing problem has been lifted off their shoulders. There are always new things to learn about plumbing because it is an ever evolving trade. The infamous P Trap was invented a short 135 years ago. I consider myself a problem solver & pride myself on having an aptitude for being very organized. When you are dealing with thousands of parts on your van, organization is the difference between being good & being excellent. These days it seems that few people want a salt of the earth job. The good that plumbers do for society is something that I can put my brain around & I always feel good about our efforts at the end of a work day. Once again, I love my trade, I’m proud to be a plumber & I hope the preceding insights help in your understanding of an individual that introduces themselves as a plumber.



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From The Owner

"When flooding your home is at stake, “cheap” is not always the wisest solution."

– Monte Ervin

"Voted “Better of Las Vegas” by Many Thousands of Satisfied Customers : )."

– Monte Ervin

"Monthly Plumbing Specials, Transparent upfront pricing with warranties & guarantees".

– Monte Ervin

"Our plumbers are here to help Las Vegas."

– Carla Salazar

"Plumbing, need I say more"

– Monte Ervin

"Free Plumbing Estimates Over the Phone, Email or Text"

Monte Ervin

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Why Las Vegas?

Following a recent visit with my family in Santa Monica, I realized just how much I love being in my city of Las Vegas. Enduring 10 freeway changes in 7 lanes of stop & go traffic in a heavy rain in the aggressive mass humanity of Southern California is enough to push most people over the edge of sanity. When I got back to the beloved Interstate 15, the rain stopped & it was as though the angels were singing enroute to our home in Las Vegas. My friends & family have often asked me why I was originally attracted to Las Vegas, why I have stayed & why I have no intension of leaving .......... click the button to learn more about the owner! Learn More